Monday, December 22, 2008

life.. is amazing :) the boy i like gave me his number :) heh <3>so we've been texting. things are going good :) <33333333>

Christmas is in 3 days!! im soooooooo excited!! it doesnt feel like it though. life is flying by soo soo soo fast. eeek! i dont even know what im getting. i didnt even want anything. my mom kept asking me and i couldnt think of anything! so i just asked for an ipod touch! lol idk if i'll get it though. ill probably just get money, money, money! which is fine with me :)

well anywho. nothing too exciting has happened. work is good, busy, but good. i worked a double yesterday! 12-5, ate lunch, then 5:30-9! ahhh! my feet were about to fall off!
but anyways, i gotta go get ready for work!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

why does doing the right thing have to be so hard? i know i did the right thing by saying something, and i might have even saved his life.. but its so hard. im pretty sure he hates me. i really cant help it though. he may never know why i did this, but he doesnt have to i guess.

well anyways. last night was amazing. probably the best night of my life. i was in the best mood, everybody was :) it was great. hopefully tonight will be the same!
we finally finished the roof :) no more hammering and stuff! woo!

christmas break is finally here too! yay! no more school for a couple weeks. next semester is going to be so easy. i cant wait for high school to finally be over! im soo ready for college!

well im about to go get ready for work and all that nonsense!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

man i havent been on here in forever!
life has been absolutely great lately.
im not sure why, but ive been so incredibly happy :)
tomorrow is our last day of school for this semester.
and that means no more sheryl and no more mccurry! woo!
i cant explain how happy i am. lol

im going ice skating tonight with my cousin + her friends.
im super excited. i LOVE ice skating!

besides that im almost done with christmas shopping :)
i have to get one more thing, and im done with shopping for my friends.
shopping for my family should be easy.
i basically know what im getting them anyways.

anywho. have you ever had these friends, and theyre your best friends,
but after a while you just get sick of them?
its not like they do anything, you just get tired of being around them all the time.
i feel bad that i feel this way. but i cant help it.
i guess being around them all day everyday is wearing on me.

this week im working thursday-sunday.
woo. not.
its good money, which i desperately need.
but very stressful and exhausting.
but anyways. im going to get ready to leave for sav :)


Saturday, December 13, 2008

today has been soooo tiring. ive been cleaning and doing stuff all day! :(

weve been putting the new roof on the house,
so theres non stop hammering and stomping around.
i didnt get any sleep this morning. ha :(
but overall today has been good.

i went to rincon with kara!
i missss herr!
i wish she still lived here

we only had 4 more days until christmas vacation! wooooooooooooooooooooo!
im so excited. and then we only have 1 more semester until GRADUATION! :D

i cant put my excitement into words! ha
so the boy i like came into work last night :)
he was drunk :( but i guess its cool.
he gave me the biggest hug ever.
and i didnt want to let go. haaaaaaa :D
he was all like "i didnt think i was going to get to see you until next week!"
it was super sweet. but im not sure if he meant it,
or if he was saying it out of drunkenness :/

Friday, December 12, 2008

soo im sitting in the library with jaime and lauryn! woo! were actually doing our work!

today has been a good day so far. its fridayy! yay!

i dont want to work tonight though :( its going to be so busy. blegh!

well its time to go back to class!


im finally homeee! today was SUCH a good day! idk why, but it was!

i dont want to work tonight :( ahh, i hate working. i wish i didnt have to work for everything i wanted.

oh welllllllll, it should be fun because im working with my bffs :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008


that is what describes my life lately. everything is so annoying. people. friends. parents. school. its so much stress! luckily i only have 5 days left of this semester. and next semester will be a breeze! woo!

i cant wait to graduate. i want to move out to USCB soo badly! although i have no idea what i want to do, im sure ill figure it out soon enough. im thinking something with psychology. so i can help people :)

oh welllll.. its a rainy day today. kinda icky.

but its really late, and i havent even started on any homework, or studied for any tests.

story of my life.